Find here my most updated Research Statement

I got my PhD in Algebraic Topology from the University of Florida Mathematics, Department under the supervision of A. Dranishnikov. I find the interplay between algebra and topology fascinating but even more so when it is applied to real world problems. Thus, during my last years of PhD and for the 2 years of my post-doc I explored the field of Topological Data Analysis, an interesting application of Algebraic Topology in point-clouds and data analytics in general.

During my years at North Carolina State University, I became a part of the Lab of Analytical Sciences, a collaboration between NCSU and NSA. During those years I was introduced to ideas like machine learning, image recognition and data mining in general and I have geared my research towards these areas.

As a member of Florida Polytechnic University I worked mostly on Big Data and Health Informatics problems using, among other tools, Neural Networks and Support Vector Machines.

As a member of the Experimental Statistics Department at LSU I am applying those machine learning techniques to Precision Agriculture and Price analysis. I recently joined LSU MIND the Multidisciplinary Institute for Neuroscience Discovery at Louisiana State University and I am eager to collaborate with other like minded individuals. I have now switched my focus to Digital Agriculture and have joined various efforts including a multistate project on this area.

I am not the person to stay rooted in one field but I like to explore different problems and different methods of solving them. My interests are very broad as are the backgrounds of my collaborators which is something I really enjoy.

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