FPO_3254 Thanos Gentimis

Hello, my name is Thanos Gentimis and I am an Assistant Professor at the Experimental Statistics Department at LSU. My field of expertise is Data Analytics with a special interest in Machine Learning and specifically Neural Networks. I received my Ph.D. in Theoretical Mathematics (Algebraic Topology) from the University of Florida in 2011 under the guidance of Dr. Alexander Dranishnikov.

I have a master’s degree in Theoretical Mathematics from the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens, Greece, where I also received my bachelor’s degree in Mathematics and Education.

After my PhD, I worked for two years at the Electrical and Computer Engineering Department at North Carolina State University (2012-2014). Parallel to that, I was a member of the Lab of Analytical Sciences, a collaboration between NSA and NCSU. After North Carolina, I worked for 3 years as an Assistant professor of Mathematics and Analytics at Florida Polytechnic University (2014-2017) and served as the Head of the Big Data and Health Informatics lab which I helped create between 2015 and 2016.

After joining LSU I became involved in Digital Agriculture developing the namesake class for the LSU Ag Center. I am also teaching an introductory Statistics course for graduate students and spend the rest of my time writing papers and grants. I am currently the Vice President for the Louisiana ASA Chapter, a member of the MIND initiative at LSU and a member of the Computing and Data Science Education Working Group.

Starting the summer of 2021, I became the vice chair for the multistate project titled:  S1090: AI in Agroecosystems: Big Data and Smart Technology-Driven Sustainable production

I will be focusing on this area of research for the time being, transferring my knowledge of ML and AI applications from Health Informatics to Agriculture.

When I am not teaching, doing research, advising students, writing and maintaining grants, I work and try to learn as much as I can about all things data! I really enjoy the consultations our department offers to all LSU affiliated researchers (EXST CONSULTING) and I am always excited to start new collaborations this way.

My publications range from Theoretical Mathematics (Algebraic Topology – Geometric Group Theory) to Engineering (Signal Processing, Pattern Recognition) to Health Informatics and recently Forestry and Agriculture. I am also interested in the evolution of Networks (social mostly) and have published in an Undergraduate Mathematics Education journal.

I have received a couple of grants both internal and external and I am the co-creator of two patents one for a Gigapixel Image Mosaicking algorithm and another for Efficient Wheeze Detection, sponsored by NCSU. Welcome to my page!

“I enjoy solving interesting problems and helping others devise ways to solve theirs.”

This past year our lives have been dominated by covid-19. As a data analyst, I too followed the number of cases and deaths in Louisiana. The output below is my version of following the pandemic. For more information and the actual codes follow this link.