I received my BS and MS in Mathematics from the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens, Greece in 2002 and 2005 respectively. My focus was on Algebra and Analysis with a minor in Mathematics Education. I completed my PhD in Theoretical Mathematics in 2011 at the University of Florida, Gainesville. My field of expertise is Algebraic Topology and specifically Geometric Group Theory. The title of my dissertation is Properties of Groups at Infinity, which I completed under the guidance of Dr. Alexander Dranishnikov.

Since 2009 I have turned my attention to applications of Topological Data Analysis in Signal Processing, Coverage Networks, Social Networks and Big Data Analysis. I am also interested in purely abstract results related to the new and growing field of Computational Topology. I actively seek to establish clear mathematical formulations that will explain some of the current methods used in Computational Topology and expand the relative mathematical theory.

As part of the VISSTA group I was involved in projects ranging from image processing and machine learning, to text analytics and data mining, with a focus on exploring new techniques and new mathematical tools, to revisit old problems. I also incorporated my research into my teaching methods, especially when advising and guiding graduate students. Since Summer 2013 I am member of the Lab of Analytical Sciences, a collaboration between NCSU and NSA, working on various Data Analytics project. I am still affiliated with LAS as an external member.

Prior to my position, I was an Assistant Professor of Mathematics and Analytics at Florida Polytechnic University. I was also the head of the newly established Big Data and Health Informatics Lab, which I helped create and I was one of the members of the Health Informatics Program committee whose role is to shape the Health Informatics Curriculum at Florida Polytechnic and integrate it with the local Health Industry and Practice.

Lately I have been focusing on incorporating technology and innovation to my teaching practice. Thus, with the help of the graduate student I advise we created an online course Florida Poly Primers: Calculus, which is a supplementary course for students attending Calculus I without a strong mathematical background. The class is a self-paced course, with online videotaped mini lectures, quizzes, homework and helpful links, hosted in the electronic platform Canvas. I have also established a module based teaching hybrid course for Calculus I, which utilizes videotaped lectures, through the Panopto platform, mymathlab from Pearson for online homework, videotaped solutions for online discussions, produced at the universities media lab, and online quizzes through Canvas.

I recently accepted a position as an assistant professor in the department of Experimental Statistics at LSU, in a joint appointment with the LSU Ag. center. In this position I will use my teaching and research skills to support the mission and vision of our department to the best of my ability, while leading the center’s initiative on “Big Data in Precision Agriculture”, or as it is now commonly known “Digital Agriculture”.

Skills                                                                Patents

Software: Fortran, Python, Matlab, LaTeX,                                 Gigapixel Image Mosaicking 
Mathematica, Windows Office, Dreamweaver,                           Algorithm: NCSU 2015
Amaya, R, Sketchpad, SAS miner, MySQL,
PostgreSQL                                                                                               Efficient Wheeze Detection:
                                                                                                                      NCSU pending
Languages: Greek (Native), English (Proficient),
French (Conversational)

Awards and Honors

Chat Yin Ho Scholarship Recipient                                                                                       2011
University of Florida, Department of Mathematics

Teaching Award: Certificate of Excellence                                                                        2010
University of Florida, Department of Mathematics

Teaching Award: Certificate of Merit                                                                                   2009
University of Florida, Department of Mathematics

Outstanding Student Award                                                                                                    2007
University of Florida International Center for Excellence in Studies

European Social Fund and National Resources                                                              2004-06
Pythagoras II-Ministry of Education (EPEAEK)

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