Recent Publications

Data Collection and Ownership in the Digital Ag Era
LSU AgCenter Magazine, 2019
Maria Bampasidou, Thanos Gentimis

Accurate Yield Forecasts Through Machine Learning
LSU AgCenter Magazine, 2019
Thanos Gentimis, Connor Lawson

Predicting  Hospital Length of Stay Using Neural Networks
International Journal of Big Data Intelligence, 2019
Thanos Gentimis, AJ Alnaser, Alex Durante, Kyle Cook, Robert Steel

Informing Long Term Lumber Buying: A Decision-Making Criteria for Wood Buyers Using a Simple Algorithm
Journal of Marketing Development and Competitiveness 12 (3), 15-37, 2018
Thanos Gentimis, Shaun Tanger, Maria Bampasidou

Florida Poly Primers: Calculus
Problems, Resources, and Issues in Mathematics Undergraduate Studies (PRIMUS), 2018
Thanos Gentimis, Jennifer Kindle

Predicting  Hospital Length of Stay Using Neural Networks on MIMIC III Data
IEEE DataCom, November 2017
Thanos Gentimis, AJ Alnaser, Alex Durante, Kyle Cook, Robert Steel

Influence of Topology on Information Flow in Social Networks
50th Asilomar Conference on Signals, Systems, and Computers, November 2016
Thanos Gentimis, Harish Chintakunta

Discovering the Whole by the Coarse: A Topological Paradigm for Data Analysis
IEEE Signal Processing Magazine 33(2):95-104, 2016
Thanos Gentimis, Hamid Krim, Harish Chintakunta

Directed Persistence
Under Preparation, 2015
Thanos Gentimis, Greg Bell

An Entropy-Based Persistence Barcode
Special Issue Graph Based Representation (Gbr2013) in Pattern Recognition, 2015
Thanos Gentimis, Harish Chintakunta, Rocio Gonzalez-Diaz, Maria-Jose Jimenez, Hamid Krim

Multi-Level Scene Understanding via Hierarchical Classification
IEEE Conference on Image Processing, 2014
Thanos Gentimis, Hamilton Scott Clouse, Xiao Bian, Hamid Krim

Persistent Homology of Delay Embeddings
IEEE Signal Processing Letters, 2014
Thanos Gentimis, Saba Emrani, Hamid Krim

On Limit Aperiodic Groups
Preprint Available on Arxiv, 2014
Thanos Gentimis

Modeling Collaborations with Persistent Homology
Preprint Available on Arxiv, 2013
Thanos Gentimis, Maria Bampasidou

On Cohomology of the Higson Compactification of Hyperbolic Spaces
Journal of Topology and Analysis, Vol 5, No:4, (477-489), 2013
Thanos Gentimis, Alexander Dranishnikov

Asymptotic  Dimension of Finitely Presented Groups
Proceedings of the American Mathematical Society Vol 136, No:12, (4103-4410), 2008
Thanos Gentimis


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