Talks at Florida Polytechnic

Talks At FlPoly

How to Talk About Science
Thanos Gentimis
Florida Polytechnic University 2015

 Big Data and Health Informatics Lab Hedge Fund Project
Thanos Gentimis, Jay Stannard, Jean-Louis Jean-Patrice
Florida Polytechnic University 8/3/2015

A Gentle Introduction to LaTeX
Thanos Gentimis
Florida Polytechnic University 9/11/2015

The Power of Data and Algorithms
Thanos Gentimis, Joseph F. Miceli, Jingsong Cui, Crystal Lauderdale
Florida Polytechnic University, Google Hangouts Series 10/22/2015

Abnormal Breathing Detection With Computational Topology. What is the Shape of a Wheeze?
Thanos Gentimis, Saba Emrani, Hamid Krim
Florida Polytechnic University 6/20/2014

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